Домой Юмор 5 советов, как попасть в топ YouTube

5 советов, как попасть в топ YouTube


1) Find the right key queries Choose the “key” under which you will record video. Do not focus on the search. Most traffic comes from related videos. We need to aim there. We adjust our video to current trends. How to get on top on YouTube.

We determine what we want to record.

We are looking for channels that are similar in theme to ours, only gaining popularity, but already have good views.

We take at least 5 channels, analyze the “keys” and take the HF (high frequency).

We write the name of the video with the exact entry of the keyword. To do this, drive our “key” into the search and look at what it is.

2) Create a quality video Make high-quality videos that will captivate your audience. Sound, picture, content. Everything should be on the level. If one of the components is bad, all the content is worthless.

Sound quality. Record sound to a good microphone so that there is no hard noise on the video. If you are using not the voice acting, but the music in the background, make sure that it is well reduced in volume, without rough sound differences.

The quality of the picture. These include good optics + the right light + dynamic editing with color correction.

Content. Think over the script. You should have catchy miniatures (we entice the viewer), good dynamics (hold attention) and most importantly — the meaning (we give what the person came for).

3) Perform SEO video optimization Remember that we do not aim at search traffic (optimization of titles, descriptions and tags is a very weak ranking factor), but at traffic from similar and recommended videos.

4) Upload videos to the channel on a clear schedule.

Do not break the schedule. If you plan to upload 4 videos a week, do it. Take a break for 1-2 weeks — your new videos will lose in dynamics and it will be very difficult to accelerate the channel.

The bigger, the better. The frequency of video downloads depends on your format. If it’s complicated (for example, vlog) — download the video 1-2 times a week. If you can manage it in a day, upload videos every day.

5) Increase video views in the first 4 hours

Remember the 301+ viewing rule. If during the first 4 hours after downloading the video you did not receive more than the 301st view, your chances of getting into the top YouTube tend to zero. As soon as the indicator “301 or more views” appears under the video, relax. Now it can be successfully promoted to the top.